GRL BC Sink Testing Accessory Board (GRL-USB-PD-BCQCF)

Overview & Features


BC1.2 DCP Sink Testing Accessory Board. BC Sink testing extension board used for testing BC 1.2 DCP Sink test required for QC based Wireless charging pad. It comprises the following:

  • BC Extension Board - to support the BC 1.2 sink test cases.
  • GRL-C2-EXT5 Extension Board - for GRL-USB-PD-C2 test controller, used to:
    • Control inputs/outputs from C2.
    • Control BC Extension Board.
  • F1R-IO-TBT-Cable - Thunderbolt input/output test cable, used for connecting GRL-C2-EXT5 extension board with GRL-C2-BC- extension fixture.

Note: Detailed test items can be found in the user guide.

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Note: Granite River Labs recommends connecting the extension fixture/board to the GRL-USB-PD-C2 test controller only when it's powered-off.

Requiring GRL-USB-PD-BCQC BC1.2 DCP Sink Testing software option

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