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2019 High-Speed ​​Interface Technology Foresight Forum 800GE & USB4®

Granite River Labs (GRL) will attend the Anritsu 2019 High-Speed ​​Interface Technology Foresight Forum on December 11, 2019 (Wednesday), and will discuss USB4® & DisplayPort™ 2.0 technology updates and test requirements.


Time : December 11, 2019 (Wednesday)
Location: Renaissance Taipei Shilin Hotel / 2F Grand Ballroom

The rapid rise of cloud applications such as 5G, AI, and the Internet has caused explosive growth in the amount of data in networks and data centers. A higher-speed interface is now required to digest these data flows. 800GE, PCIe 5.0 rapidly expand the data processing capabilities of telecom networks and data centers. The USB Type-C ® interface took leap forward to USB4® and DP 2.0 to greatly enhanced the high-definition video and data transmission capabilities. Other growing applications and traffic demands are rapidly driving Network and digital interface speed update.

The "2019 High-Speed ​​Interface Technology Forum" hosted by Anritsu specially invited GRL (Technology Technology Co., Ltd.) and Teledyne LeCroy (Teledyne Technology Co., Ltd.) to discuss the evolution of high-speed transmission I/O based on market trends. During the meeting, we will introduce specifications, future test challenges, and deeply analyze the signal integrity problems that high-speed signals will face in the time and frequency domains. Rich and practical course content is matched with on-site real machine display and exchange.

Registration Remarks & Links: This event is a free event with limited places; in order to ensure your registration qualifications, please be sure to use the company email to register.

 Agenda introduction:

Agenda introduction


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  • This activity is free and has limited places; in order to ensure your registration qualifications, please be sure to use the company email to register.
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