Test Engineer - Shanghai (GRLSH202207003)

GRL seeks a full-time Test Engineer - Shanghai

Date: July 15, 2022
City: Shanghai, China
Position code:

About GRL

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 360 staff in 9 countries, GRL is the world leader in testing and related engineering services to help hardware product developers integrate the latest digital connectivity and smart charging technologies. GRL is a unique and exceptional institution. We serve customers of all sizes from a diverse range of industries including bleeding-edge cloud computing, mobile, and autonomous driving. We support product development at all stages of the value chain, from chips to end products, and help our customers validate the full system stack, from physical layer to protocol to application layer to ensure robust performance and interoperability.

We do much more than test: we guide, consult, analyze, troubleshoot, and present useful insights to help our customers improve product performance and ensure successful market adoption. We work closely with early adopters, standards committees, and leading test equipment manufacturers to develop test methodologies and early test solutions, providing “glue” that brings technology ecosystems together. We stay at the forefront of these technologies and bring insiders' know-how and hands-on expertise to our customers. Maintaining our leadership requires staying at the technical leading edge, a relentless focus on execution and quality, and, most importantly, the very best people.

GRL offers competitive salary and benefits.

About the role

As a Testing Engineer, you will work independently or as part of a team to establish instrument test process, record test data and test report.


  • Signal Integrity Test on High/Low-Speed data signals using Oscilloscope, Networking Analyzer, BERT
  • Strictly execute validation tests according to the test procedure.
  • Do version control and record results in each version.
  • Submit and follow defects, write validation reports at the end of each project.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment to meet defined and assigned objectives based on established timelines and project scope.

Key Qualifications:

  • Good in English reading and writing; CET-4.
  • Major in Electrical Engineering and basic computer skills.
  • Familiar with data interfaces including USB/PCIE/SATA/TBT,etc.
  • Clear description of technical topics.
  • Having a sense of responsibility and teamwork.
  • Able to work under schedule and good at time management.


GRL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Submit your CV to careers@graniteriverlabs.com.