By GRL Team on 2019. 06. 05

GRL Announces Power Suite Pro – Fully Integrated Charging Performance Benchmarking Software

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity and charging, announces the release of the Power Suite Pro (PSP), the fully integrated, end-to-end software solution for analyzing and benchmarking the entire charging performance chain from wall to battery.

PSP works with a wide range of test equipment to control and monitor power, speed and temperature.  For example, to emulate AC wall chargers from around the world, the PSP controls the GW Instek APS-7100 to provide different AC voltage and frequencies to an AC charger. The user can monitor the AC charger’s power consumption and analyze the impact of AC power input parameters on the AC charger’s performance and specification compliance.

To emulate and analyze USB Power Delivery (PD) performance, the PSP controls the GRL-USB-PD-C2 tester, which emulates a wide range of USB PD source and sink functionalities, and acts as a sniffer to analyze power behavior between different USB sources and sinks using the GRL USB Type-C® Sniffer Board (GRL-USB-PD-SNIF).  The user can select different Vbus voltages and current loads from a USB PD charger and emulate USB PD sources.

PSP monitors and plots phone, tablet, and PC battery charge level, voltage/current, and temperature through smartphone applications and browsers.  Temperature and hot spots can be analyzed over time through thermal images streamed from FLIR cameras controlled by the PSP.

A growing list of automated tests allow users to easily employ industry best practices, view stress tests, and check for common problems:

  • OCP & IV Curves
  • Power Efficiency
  • PD Sink Capabilities Characterization
  • Battery Charge/Drain Cycler
  • Multi-Port Loading
  • USB PD Hub Passthrough Characterization
  • Cable E-Marker & IR Drop Analysis
  • Device & E-Marker Cable Emulation

Finally, integration with enables benchmarking comparison and emulation testing with real devices in the market.  Subscribe to the GTrusted YouTube channel to learn how to utilize the PSP to test various devices.

Free PSP trial is available at  See a live PSP demo at Design Automation Conference (DAC) booth #510, June 3-5, 2019, 10 am – 6 pm, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Published by GRL Team June 5, 2019