Experience the GRL USB Type-C® Power Delivery Tester and Analyzer - EPR for yourself through this demo

GRL USB Type-C® Power Delivery Tester and Analyzer - EPR
(GRL-USB-PD-C2-EPR) is a powerful tool to validate and debug your power delivery solutions.

This integrated USB Power Delivery Compliance tester provides Power Delivery 3.1, up to 240W, is fully backward compatible with legacy 100W Power Delivery Specification, automates all USB Power Delivery compliance tests, and integrates Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 5 and Quick Charge™ Legacy Tests.

On-demand Demo video covers a wide range of C2-EPR’s capabilities including:

Testing in two modes: 
Compliance mode and Informational mode

Run automated compliance tests in just a few clicks 

Easy debugging:
View the timestamp offset protocol decode and signals on the Vbus and CC lines on one screen and check the packet on failing tests with just a click

Demonstration of power loading related test cases

Report downloadable in .html, .pdf, .xml format:
revisit waveforms with test report data

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