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GRL Webinar selected for Keysight World Tokyo Encore

GRL PCIe® Webinar selected for Keysight World Tokyo Encore

GRL's PCIe webiar "Understanding and Optimizing Equalizer Operation in PCIe" presented by Miki Takahashi, Executive Vice President of Engineering from GRL was selected for the Keysight World Tokyo Encore virtual event.

Keysight World Tokyo Encore comes from a series of Keysight events "Keysight World 2020 Tokyo" held in July 2020 and the "Keysight Design Forum" held in October.  Keysight World Tokyo Encore will select popular webinars to host on their platform for 23 days starting April 12th. 

The select GRL webinar session will be accessible 14:30- 16:00 Tuesday April 20th, tune in.

Webinar Overivew

Complex systems require increasingly sophisticated means of channel loss compensation to support data link stability. The PCI Express® (PCIe®) standard defines several equalizers for this purpose. With the upcoming PCIe 6.0 specification supporting 64 GT/s (up to 256 GB/s via x16 configuration), effective use of equalizers becomes even more critical to successful system design.

This session will help engineers understand the fundamentals of how equalizers (EQ) work, different types of EQ including continuous time linear equalizers (CTLE) and decision feedback equalizers (DFE), how EQ are defined in the PCIe specification, and how PCIe link training works to optimize EQ settings. We will also look at how EDA tools like Keysight’s Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) support equalizer optimization and eye simulation. In the seminar, we will explain the outline of equalizer technology and optimization based on actual cases.


Webinar: "Understanding and optimization of the equalizer operation in PCIe" for

Speaker: Miki Takahashi (Granite River Labs)
Session Date: April 20 (Tuesday) 14: 30

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Keysight World Tokyo Encore

Organizer: Keysight Technology Co., Ltd.
Date: April 12, 2021 (Monday) -April 23, 2021 (Thursday)
Participation fee: Free
Holding method: Online

  • Participation by other companies in the same industry and individuals is We may decline your request . Please note.

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